Die cast die steel sales manage
1、College degree or above, mechanical, mould major preferred;
2、Familiar with mould steel market;
3、More than two years work experience;
4、Mold steel sales experience, especially familiar with die casting mould is preferred;
5、To have a certain understanding of the Pearl River Delta marke
6、Basic Salary 4000-10000+Sales commission

International Trade Specialist (urgent)
1、College degree or above, good spoken or writing English, CET-4 or obove , can communicate with foreign guests;
2、Can independently operation of Alibaba, globle resource and so on B2B web platform to find client , familiar with the trade flow;
3、More than one year working experience in foreign trade, age 22-30 years old (welcome excellent graduates);
4、Have good negotiation ability and market to develop ability, and have successful cases, familiar with the import and export customs clearance process, proficient in all types of electronic commerce platform operation personality cheerful, generous, positive, have affinity, can work under great pressure;
5、E-commerce experience is preferred.