German SCHMETZ vacuum heat treatment technology

Vacuum heat treatment:

  • Our company first took the heat treatment for using of the most advanced 15Bar vacuum furnace Germany SCHMETZ . The vacuum furnace by optimizing the design of the system, the cooling speed can reach very fast. The performance of the vacuum furnace is sufficient to meet the requirements of any large die for cooling speed, moreover it can meet any tool steel parts heat treatment!

 vacuum tempering:

  • Structure design is very mature by the vacuum tempering furnace, high vacuum degree, can avoid mould oxidation in the process of tempering.

 To stress tempering:

  • Stove adopts the design of foreign advanced technology, can ensure that the furnace temperature uniformity reach ± 10 ℃, ensure the mold surface hardness uniformity after tempering.

 Deep cryogenic treatment:

  • The cryogenic tank can be cooled to -180 ℃, cryogenic treatment can effectively reduce the content of residual austenite in the heat treatment of steel, can improve the performance and stability of the size of the steel mould.